MAFHH Marketing

Our Values

  • We believe that developments a process of change not a series of projects, and our team participates in this process aiming to make contributions of lasting value.
  • The sharing of skills as a process of mutual learning and development, leading to enhanced capacity and expertise.
    Partnerships with our associates based on commitment, honesty and trust.
  • Organizational integrity based on transparency, commitment to quality and service.


Our Approaches

  • Our core principle: We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give, is supported by approaches that we have adopted in our work.
  • Skill sharing, between our workers within our associate organization to benefit our clients in a more useful way we serve.
  • Networking on a regional, national level in order to share example of good practice to improve co-ordination as well as performance.
  • Capacity building by strengthening the ability of the group to respond to the needs of our clients.


Our Working

Modern society is science, information technology and knowledge based. The revolution in every field, including marketing & advertising, is continuing and promises to be of enormous benefits to us all. To accept and use the fruits of the advancement we strive to encourage our entire team for a productive agency-client relationship.

To be very focused on the client's goal to catalyze to generate more profits from the sales of products and services through our effective communication plans that are creative and yet too interesting.

Teamwork and commitment lie at the core of the company's success. MAFHH Marketing is commitment to play its role in the development of real estate business and achieving targets with improving performance, setting new examples of marketing excellence.


Scope of our Services

The scope of our services is manifold. We plan and propose the marketing strategy according to the specific requirements of the builders for the project to be launched. We charge Consultancy Fee according to the scope or our service and potential of project. From start to finish, we extend our full professional services and co-operation to our clients so as to achieve the desired marketing goals.